Classroom Management

ISAW classrooms are in a historic townhouse and not created equal, so please note the variances for the Seminar Room and the Large and Small Conference Rooms.

The Seminar Room's temperature is centrally controlled. For the cold months, the temp has been set to 73 to 76 degrees. The exact temperature will flex with the weather and other factors, such as how many people are in the room. Should you find the room uncomfortable, please call the front desk at x27834 and request the temperature be raised or lowered.

The Conference Rooms are controlled on independent systems and you can set the temp to suit your class. We recommend you check the classroom 10 min. before class begins to ensure the classroom is at approximately 72-74 degrees.

The Seminar Room is equipped with a Mac laptop and two large screens that allow for projecting PowerPoint presentations, internet access, and videoconferencing. Each of the Conference Rooms is equipped with a tabletop projector and an assortment of common adaptors for laptops. If you need assistance with any of this equipment, please contact the IT Support Administrator at x27845 or .

Should you desire to hold your class in the Lecture Hall, please contact the Associate Director for Academic Affairs at x27860 or to reserve the room and discuss AV support.

Large white boards are affixed to the walls in the Conference Rooms; a portable white board has been provided for the Seminar Room. If you need additional supplies or you find the markers are drying out, please notify the Administrative Aide at x27843 or .

If you need additional chairs or there is a problem with the facilities, contact the Building Manager at x27846 or the security desk at x27834.

Please leave every classroom ready for a subsequent class including powering down all equipment and turning off the lights.

Information about NYU classrooms at non-ISAW locations is available here.