Tetradrachm. Obverse: Jugate Bust of Zeus Serapis and Isis.
Silver; Diam. 2.6 cm; 13.62 g
Minted in Alexandria; 221–205 BCE
American Numismatic Society: 1944.100.77209
© Courtesy of the American Numismatic Society


This denomination, dating to the reign of Ptolemy IV (221-203 BCE), depicts the jugate portrait of Zeus and Isis, two divinities that played a major role in the Ptolemaic propaganda. The format was intentionally constructed on the model of the jugate portraits of the royal couple introduced by Ptolemy II, two examples of which are on display in the exhibition.

Svorōnos, Iōannēs N. Ta nomismata tou kratous tōn Ptolemaiōn. 4 vols. Athens: Sakellarios. 1904–8, cat. 1124, pl. XXXVIb, no. 13.