Ishtar Gate Lion, Babylon, Iraq

Reconstructed panel of bricks with a striding lion Neo-Babylonian Period; Processional Way, El-Kasr Mound, Babylon, Iraq; CC0 1.0 Image courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exhibition Gallery Talk: Object Histories

Part of a series of lunchtime gallery talks:
Wednesdays, November 6–May 20,12:00–12:20pm

Join us in the galleries for a 20-minute in-depth discussion of a single object from A Wonder to Behold: The Power of Craftsmanship and the Creation of Babylon’s Ishtar Gate. In this brief lunchtime talk, participants will engage in a guided conversation exploring the specific history, iconography, and manufacture of one of the objects on view in our current exhibition.

Each weekly gallery talk will feature a different object presented by one of the Exhibitions staff, and visitors are welcome to return for a fresh conversation each week.

Registration is not required.

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