Terrace House 2 in Ephesos

Reconsidering Daily Life in the 3rd Century AD

Sabine Ladstätter

Austrian Archaeological Institute

Terrace House 2 is a ca. 4,000 m² insula lying directly in the Roman city centre of Ephesus. Due to its exceptional state of preservation the complex counts amongst the most scientifically important and moreover most remarkable monuments of its type. The special state of preservation results in the fact that the structure not only allows a classification and analysis based on ground plan, chronology and history of style, but also represents an almost inexhaustible source for the material culture of the Roman period, for multiple analyses in the study of domestic architecture. In addition to its undisputed scientific relevance, Terrace House 2 also represents a great challenge in terms of restoration. As a large-scale workshop and as a magnet for visitors, the monument today is frequented by large numbers of people; alone in 2015 more than 150,000 interested individuals found their way to Terrace House 2.

Sabine Ladstätter is Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, where she is also a Senior Scientist and Director of the Ephesus Excavations. She received her PhD in Classical Archaeology at the University Vienna, and her areas of specialization are Roman and Byzantine archaeology, bio-geoarchaeology, pottery studies, archaeology of economy, and cultural heritage. She was a Visiting Senior Residential Fellow at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations at Koç University in 2015 and held a Samuel Kress Lectureship at the Archaeological Institute of America in 2012-13.

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