Exhibition Lecture: Time and Cosmos in Greco-Roman Astrology

Stephan Heilen

University of Osnabrück


This lecture will consist of a brief introduction to the historical development and the main characteristics of Greco-Roman astrology, to be followed by a survey of the theoretical and practical importance of accurate time-measurement in the practice of horoscopy and other astrological applications. The practice of horoscopy will be illustrated with references to the relevant objects in the exhibition, which brings together the most representative collection ever of the material remains of Greco-Roman astrology. Additional pictures of a few objects that couldn’t be included in the exhibition will round off the survey. While this lecture will focus on individual birth horoscopes, other forms of horoscopy (elections, interrogations and medical astrology) as well as astrological time-rulership will also be addressed.

Stephan Heilen is Professor of Latin and Neo-Latin at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. His main fields of research are the history of astrology and Neo-Latin poetry.

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