Defense Architecture and Assertion of Social Order

Fortifications in Greece and Anatolia in the Age of the Palaces (ca. 1650-1200 BCE)

Çiğdem Maner

Koç University

Since the discovery of sally ports covered with corbelled vaults in Mycenae and Tiryns, the suggestion that Hittite building techniques were applied in Mycenaean Greece has appeared in the relevant literature. This lecture will analyze and compare the fortification architecture of Late Helladic Mycenaean sites, such as Mycenae, Tiryns, Midea, Gla and Athens Acropolis, with the fortification architecture of Late Bronze Age Anatolia, specifically the Hittite fortifications. The lecture will also address questions of identity, technology transfer, the assertion of social order, symbols of power, and Hittite-Mycenaean relations.

Çiğdem Maner completed her undergraduate studies at the Free University Berlin in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, and Assyriology. She received her MA from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (2001) in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology. She earned her PhD from the University of Heidelberg  (2011), where her dissertation compared Mycenaean and Hittite fortification architecture. In 2005 she became an instructor at Koç University’s Department of Archaeology and History of Art, where she was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2012.  Since 2013, she has been the director of the archaeological survey project KEYAR (Konya Ereğli Yüzey Araştırması) in the southeast of Konya ( 

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