The Forgotten Kingdom of Tuwana in Central Anatolia

Archaeological Institute of America Lecture

Lorenzo d'Alfonso (ISAW)

The history and archaeology of the Mediterranean are intrinsically bound with the concepts of ‘the East’ and ‘the West’. The contrasting definitions of these two cultural entities crystallized as both engine and reaction to the Persian Wars, but they concealed a variegated political and cultural landscape, in particular that of Western Asia 1200-600BCE.

Recent archaeological research, however, shows that after the collapse of the Palacial System (1200BCE), Anatolia and the Levant experienced a fully new, regionally variegated situation. The lecture will set the focus on the small and rich kingdom of Tuwana (Cappadocia, Turkey) and its relevance as a crossroad between Assyria and Phrygia, the Levant and the East-Greek world during the 9th – 7th century BCE.


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