Prehistoric Metallurgy of Xinjiang


Organized by ISAW visiting research scholar Liangren Zhang, this workshop will bring together a group of specialists to share data from other sites in Central Asia, West Asia, Mongolia, and Northwest China and their thoughts in order to allow a more complete understanding of the prehistoric metallurgy of Xianjiang and the role it played in the trade, migration, and transmission of technology across these regions.

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9:00 Welcome: Liangren Zhang

Chair:  Karen Rubinson (ISAW)
9:10 Vincent C. Pigott (ISAW Research Associate)
The Eurasian Appearance of Tin-Bronze Metallurgy: Piercing Together the Big Picture

9:50 Katheryn M. Linduff (University of Pittsburgh)
Ancient Technoscapes: Metallurgical Technology in Eastern Eurasia and East Asia

10:30 Coffee Break

10:50 Michael Frachetti (Washington University, St. Louis)
Mining and Exchange in Bronze Age Semirech’ye: Implications for Regional Technology Transfer

11:30 Liangren Zhang (ISAW & Northwest University)
Prehistoric Metallurgy of Eastern Xinjiang

12:10   Lunch

Chair:  Vincent Pigott
14:00 Ursula Brosseder (IAS, Princeton & Bonn University)
Metallurgical Analyses and its Potential Understanding of Late Iron Age Inner Asia

14:40 Li Zhang (Wissenschaft Kolleg zu Berlin)
How China Became Part of the Bronze Age Eurasian Network: Technological Choice and the Creation of Value

15:20   Tea Break

15:50 Ernst Pernicka (Heidelberg University)
Tin Sources in Central Asia and their Exploitation in the Bronze Age

16:30 Jianjun Mei (Needham Research Institute, London)
Metallurgical Interaction between China and Central Asia during the First Millennium BCE

17:10 Discussion: The next stage of the Prehistoric Metallurgy     
of Xinjiang Project

This is a public event.

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