News in Central Asian Archaeology and Art


This workshop, organized by ISAW Professor Sören Stark, is a follow-up to a meeting held last year at Hofstra University. It will bring together scholars on the east coast to share and discuss the results of ongoing research immediately relevant to all aspects of Central Asian archaeology and art (from prehistory to the Mongol period).

Registration is closed, we have reached capacity for this event.



9:00 Welcome: Sören Stark (ISAW)

9:10 Liangren Zhang (University Xi’an/ISAW): A New Chronological Scheme for Bronze Age Western Siberia

9:50 Karen Rubinson (ISAW): The Power of an Idea: Iconography as a Sign of Resistance (Central Asia and Yunnan in the late Iron Age)

10:30 Coffee Break

Chair: Karen Rubinson
10:50 Ursula Brösseder (University Bonn/IAS Princeton): Dynamics of interaction and exchange in the Late Iron Age of Eurasia

11:30 Fiona Kidd (The Metropolitan Museum of Art): Wall paintings from Akchakan-kala and Toprak-kala: continuities and discontinuities

12:10 Lunch

Chair: Fiona Kidd
13:20 Matteo Compareti (ISAW): The Symbolic Representation of Iranian Xwarenah (royal glory) in Central Asia: from the Kushans to Khotan

14:00 Annette Juliano (Rutgers): Aspects of sixth century stone funerary furniture between China and Central Asia: Old issues – new perspectives

14:40 Judith Lerner (ISAW): Portraiture in Miniature: Glyptic art in pre-Islamic Afghanistan and the continuity of a visual tradition

15:30 Tea Break

Chair: Aleksandr Naymark
16:00 Sören Stark (ISAW): Bukhara in the early Islamic period: New insights from recent investigation along the oasis wall of Bukhara

16:40 Yury Karev (ENS/CNRS Paris): Qarakhanids in Central Mawara'annahr. Discoveries in Samarkand in historical perspective

17:20 Final Discussion. Discussant: Aleksandr Naymark

This is a public event.

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