The Reception of Antiquity: China and Europe


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Antiquity has its prolonged life through memories and imaginations that were shaped by textual and visual remains. Antiquarianism, which became an intellectual trend in China in the 11th century and in Europe in the 14th century, has captured much scholarly attention. Not limited to antiquarianism, this conference will explore more broadly the reception of antiquity in Chinese and European contexts. It will investigate questions such as what is antiquity? How did collections shape the notions of antiquity, or vice versa? How did the fascination with antiquity trigger new modes of cultural production? What is the role of antiquity in the modern era? This conference is intended to break down chronological, geographical, and disciplinary boundaries, bringing together a group of exciting scholars who otherwise may not exchange ideas on the same platform.

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Stanley Abe (Duke University)
Roderick Campbell (ISAW, NYU)
Brian Curran (Pennsylvania State University)
Juan Sebastian De Vivo (NYU)
Anne Dunlop (Tulane University)
Patricia Ebrey (University of Washington)
Bonnie Effros (University of Florida)
Darcy Grigsby (University of California, Berkeley)
Robert Harrist (Columbia University)
Maxwell Hearn (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Jeffrey Moser (McGill University)
Alexander Nagel (IFA, NYU)
Louise Rice (NYU)
Lillian Tseng (ISAW, NYU)

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