Fifth Annual Leon Levy Lecture: A Greek Statuary Complex at the Sarapieion of Memphis and the Early Ptolemaic Kings

Marianne Bergmann (Director Emeritus, Archaeologisches Institut, Universitaet Goettingen)

At some point during the reign of the Ptolemaic kings of Egypt, the entranceway to the temple of Osor-Apis/Sarapis in Memphis, a main temple of the traditional capital of Egypt, was adorned with an ensemble of over life-sized Greek sculptures. They represent groups of famous Greek intellectuals and of putti riding on Dionysian and other animals. For more than one hundred years, the date, historical context, and precise meaning of these sculptures have been under discussion. Based on improved documentation of the material, this lecture proposes answers to most of these questions. They give insight into the intricacies of the relation of the Ptolemaic kings to Egypt in one of its dynamic phases in the 3rd century BC.

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