One Thousand Open Access Journals


On 28 September 2011, The Ancient World Online (AWOL) posted an entry on Zephyrvs, a Spanish journal of archaeology and Prehistory. With this entry AWOL's index of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies reaches the milestone of one thousand titles.

We first assembled the Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies in observance of Open Access Week 2009, just under two years ago. It was based on journals cited in AWOL since its beginning in January 2009 . At that time the list included more than two hundred titles - a surprisingly large number - or so we thought at the time. In an effort to make the List canonical and comprehensive, we began adding in groups of twenty titles additional journals, all (or nearly all) of which had been accessible via Abzu for varying lengths of time. At the same time, we continued to add newly discovered and newly emerging titles to the list, constantly verifying older links and repairing broken ones. On February 17, 2010 the list reached six hundred titles, on July 7, 2010 the list reached seven hundred titles, and on May 5, 2011, with the addition of Engramma, the list reached nine hundred titles.

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