The Corpus of the Inscriptions of Campā is a publication of the École française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO), realized in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW) at New York University.

The first phase of the construction of this publication, from 2010 through 2012, was made possible by a grant from the Toyota Foundation (grant number D10-ID-1026), in the framework of its Asian Neighbors Program, special subject “Preservation, Utilization, and Transmission of Indigenous Documents in Asia”.

Amandine Lepoutre's participation in the project during this phase, and particularly her fourteen-month stay in Hanoi (2010-2011), was made possible by this Toyota Foundation grant, as well as a postdoctoral fellowship from the EFEO. She was supported by a further fellowship from the Center for Khmer Studies (Siem Reap, Cambodia), from March through June 2012, during which period she was able to make a fieldwork trip to Vietnam.

The costs for William Southworth's participation in two project fieldtrips (September-November 2009, November-December 2011) were borne by the EFEO, as were those of Thành Phần during those same fieldtrips, and the estampage campaign in 2010 (May). The EFEO has equally borne the costs of inviting two specialists of the art of making estampages from the stone restauration workshop of the National Museum of Cambodia at Phnom Penh, Khom Sreymom and Ham Seihasarann, to Vietnam during that trip, and the one in late 2011, to produce the new estampages many of which are used on these pages.

Arlo Griffiths and Tom Elliott have made their contributions as regular employees of EFEO and ISAW respectively. The mentioned Toyota Foundation grant has made it possible for Hugh Cayless to develop the website's search function on behalf of ISAW.