Kay Bea Jones, " Rome's Uncertain Tiberscape: Tevereterno and the Urban Commons"

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The Waters of Rome. A refereed, on-line journal of occasional papers concerned with water studies and the city of Rome. Authors are invited to submit articles on any aspect of the hydrological or hydraulic history of Rome from the prehistoric to the present day, to be considered for publication. Articles that investigate water and water infrastructure as a system (rather than examining an individual feature) within a social, cultural, or technological context are particularly welcome. Our interest is to stimulate discussion about water's role in urban development, especially within the context of issues of infrastructural and landscape urbanism studies. Every submission is reviewed by the editor and a minimum of two outside reviewers who are authorities drawn from the disciplines of history, classics, architecture, landscape architecture, archaeology, architectural and art history, and geography. NUMBER SEVEN: JULY 2011.
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