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[First posted in AWOL 2 September 2011, updated 17 June 2015]. Exemplaria Classica. ISSN: 1699 - 3225. In recent years the University of Huelva has been at the vanguard of studies in textual criticism and codicology. Throughout the pages of its annual publication Exemplaria Classica (Vol. 8 (2004-); superseding Exemplaria (1997-2003), which was not restricted to Classical literature), a wide array of material with a textual focus (whether Textkritik, Textgeschichte or Überlieferungsgeschichte) has been treated in all corners of Greek and Latin literature. The first volume boldly announced the admirably rigorous line that the journal wished to pursue: "we are convinced, against the fashions of the day, that the classical texts carry their own meaning. This meaning is not a mere construction or ideation of the critic. We discourage speculative or heavily theoretical commentaries which are not firmly anchored in the discussion of texts and factual information" (A. Ramírez de Verger, Vol. 8 (2004), pp. 3-4). [Description from David Butterfield's review of M. Sanz Morales, M. Librán Moreno (ed. ), Verae Lectiones: estudios de crítica textual y edición de textos griegos. Exemplaria classica: Vol. Anejo 1. Huelva: Universidad de Huelvá, 2009 in BMCR 2010. 05. 46].
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