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Studia Quaternaria is designed to publish scientific works concerning the Quaternary, on local, regional and global scale. Studia Quaternaria is interested in all fields of research dealing with stratigraphy and reconstruction of the past environments, including palaeogeography, palaeoecology, palaeoclimatology, palaeohydrology etc. The journal is also open to studies of natural environmental processes, and to recognition of mechanisms involved in the dynamics of our environment. The clue is that the Quaternary is still ongoing and vivid, and understanding of its past and present development support each other. Studia Quaternaria publishes papers on Quaternary studies of all scales, with a special attention to the local and regional research from Central Europe and the Peribaltic. Studia Quaternaria publishes research and review articles, as well as short reports of preliminary research on especially interesting topics from especially interesting sites. Volume 27 (2010). Volume 26 (2009). Volume 25 (2008). Volume 24 (2007). Volume 23 (2006). Volume 22 (2005). Volume 21 (2004). Volume 20 (2003). Volume 19 (2002). Volume 18 (2001). Volume 17 (2000) See the full.
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