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Ancient Religions eJournal. This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts having a primary focus on the religions of Greece and Rome. Papers dealing with specifically Greek or Roman religion will appear in the appropriate subcategory, more general or comparative work in the General subcategory. The Religions of Peripheral Cultures has its own subcategory. The subcategory for Christianity has three subdivisions for History, Theology and Cult. Additional subcategories and/or subdivisions of them will be added as appropriate. Click here to Browse our Electronic Library to view our archives of abstracts and associated full text papers published in this journal. Ancient Religions eJournal Advisory Board Click on the individual's name below to view the editor or advisory board member's author home page. Andrew L. Ford. Carin M. Green. Judith Evans Grubbs. Dirk Obbink. Josiah Ober. Andrew M. Riggsby. Ruth S. Scodel.
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