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SBL Forum. ISSN: 1555-7278. SBL Forum 8. 12(2010). Features The NASCAR Bible SBL Forum 8. 5(2010) Features "Inside and Outside the Circle": What Does the Festschrift Genre Tell About Our Discipline? SBL Forum 8. 4(2010) Obituaries Erich Zenger 1939-2010 Moshe Greenberg, 1928-2010 SBL Forum 8. 3(2010) Obituaries Barbara Ellen Bowe 1945- 2010 Elliott James Mason, Sr. 1922-2010 SBL Forum 8. 2(2010) Obituaries Professor Abraham Malamat 1922- 2010 SBL Forum 8. 1(2009) Features Why You Should Submit Your Manuscript or Proposal to the Online, Open-Access Ancient Near East Monograph Series SBL Forum7. 11(2009) Features Online Bibliography for Studying Paul’s Use of Scripture Conference Report: "The Bible and the American Future" SBL Forum7. 10(2009) Annual Meeting Updates Green Initiatives for the 2009 SBL Annual Meeting Features News from University of Sheffield, England SBL Forum7. 9(2009) Features 'Left Behind' No More? An Evangelical Preterist Interpretation of Revelation in 'The Last Disciple' series "A Contract with God? Will Eisner’s Seminal Graphic Novel as Anti-Theodicy"[1] "It’s Not about a Hurricane. It’s about America. " The Planet of the Apes: A Resource for Teaching Archaeology in Introductory Classes on the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible [1] XBox Apocalypse: Video Games and Revelatory Literature Society News Bibliobloggers an SBL Affiliate SBL Forum7. 8(2009) Features Small but Significant Steps: Teaching the Bible in Public Education SBL Forum7. 6(2009) On Location On Location: The 2009 Meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association SBL Forum7. 5(2009) Features The Centenary of the PBI Maurice Gilbert, S. J. , The Pontifical Biblical Institute: A Century of History (1909-2009) Remarks on the 100thAnniversary of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome One Hundred Years of the Pontifical Biblical Institute Richness in Rome 2009: Scholarly Exchange of Ideas In Translation Rewriting the Cultural Myths: Clarence Jordan and the Cotton Patch Gospels Translation and Narrative: Transfiguring Jesus The Jewish Quest for a German Bible:The Nineteenth-Century Translations of Joseph Johlson and Leopold Zunz A Reexamination of Phoebe as a "Diakonos" and "Prostatis": Exposing the Inaccuracies of English Translations Unavoidable Gender Ambiguities: A Primer for Readers of English Translations from Biblical Hebrew News Society of Biblical Literature Receives NEH Award Obituaries Martin Hengel 1926-2009 Geoffrey W. Bromiley 1915-2009 SBL Forum7. 4(2009) Features A Case for Domestic Abuse in 1 Kings 14? A Look at the Marriage of Jeroboam I In Popular Culture Arcade Fire’s Parodic Bible "Do not Forsake Me": Biblical Motifs in Zinnemann's High Noon In the Arts Remembering Angels: The Memory Work of Samuel Bak In the Classroom Service-Learning, Biblical Studies, and Resurrecting Flooded Bones in New Orleans In the Profession Jack of All Trades and Master of None: The Case for "Generalist" Scholars in Biblical Scholarship A New Thing under the Sun: A Doctor of Ministry Degree in Bible Translation Obituaries Moshe Weinfeld, 1925-2009 SBL Forum7. 3(2009) Features The Perils of Prepublication in the Digital Age: Essenes, Latrines, and the Dead Sea Scrolls[1] Ian Werrett Biblical Studies in the Context of the Emerging Religion Major Jane S. Webster In Popular Culture Evil in Contemporary American Film: Deep Darkness and Eschatological Hope Greg Garrett The Apocalypse of John and Its Mediators, or Why Johnny Cash Wrote a Better Apocalypse than John of Patmos! William John Lyons SBL Forum7. 2(2009) In Popular Culture The City as Salvific Space: Heterotopic Place and Environmental Ethics in the New Jerusalem Thomas W. Martin ‘They’ve Given You a Number and Taken Away Your Name’: Gnostic Themes in The Prisoner, Television’s Ultimate Cult Classic Valarie Ziegler In the Arts Love Turns into Hate: The Rape of Tamar (2 Sam 13:1-22) in Baroque Art Sara Kipfer In the Classroom Know*Be*Do: Using the Bible to Teach Ethics to Children Valerie A. Stein SBL Forum7. 1(2009) In Popular Culture The Bible under the Joshua Tree: Biblical Imagery in the Music of U2 Andrew Davies Through the Pistol Smoke Dimly: Psalm 23 in Contemporary Film and Song Karl Jacobson In the Profession Job in Conversation with Edward Said: The "Outsider" as Ethical and Pedagogical Dilemma in Biblical Interpretation Alissa Jones Nelson Reviews Review of Rabbi Harvey Rides Again: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Folktales Let Loose in the Wild West. Dan Clanton SBL Forum6. 12(2008) Obituaries Joseph M. Baumgarten, 1928-2008 Lawrence H Schiffman SBL Forum6. 8(2008) Annual Meeting Updates Sexual Freedom: Overcoming Slavery’s Legacy in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Foundational Texts Bernadette J. Brooten In Popular Culture Rome and Religion: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue Jonathan L. Reed In the Profession Heresy Hunting in the New Millennium Tony Burke Reclaiming the Comparative Method: Moses and the Buddha as a Case Study Vanessa R. Sasson In the Public Sphere Biblical Interpretation and Christian Domestic Terrorism: The Exegeses of Rev. Michael Bray and Rev. Paul Hill Dan Clanton The 2008 Primaries or How the Democrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bible in Politics Michelle Krejci Letters to the Editor Vetting the Claims about Heresy Hunting Darrell L. Bock SBL Forum6. 7(2008) Features Rahab through the Ages: A Study of Christian Interpretation of Rahab William L. Lyons In the Classroom Student Creative Projects: Aural and Video Productions as Biblical Exegesis James D. Findlay SBL Forum6. 6(2008) In Popular Culture The Bible-Shaped Mirror: Biblical Women and Contemporary Culture in Recent Film Donna Bowman In the Classroom Reading Job from the Margins: Dialogical Exegesis and Theological Education Robert Williamson, Jr. In the Profession Why I Chose a German Ph. D. Program Jacob L. Wright Seven Tips for Getting Your Feet Wet at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting Shayna Sheinfeld In the Public Sphere An Atheist's Dilemma: Should We Bend the Bible for Justice? Michelle Krejci The SBL and the Preservation of Scholarship Patrick Durusau Letters to the Editor Keith's "Applying for Doctoral Work When You're from a Small School" Cori Williams Obituaries Henry Chadwick 1920- 2008 Andrew Louth Society News The Codex Sinaiticus Project Ready for the Web Report on the 2008 International Meeting Matthew Collins SBL Forum6. 5(2008) Features Thabo Mbeki's Bible: The Role of the Religion in the South African Public Realm after Liberation Gerald West Giving Up on Life: Jephthah's Daughters Jane S. Webster Teaching the Biblical Hebrew Verb Naama Zahavi-Ely What Makes the Bible Meaningful/Useful: The Ten Commandments and American Ideals Scott M. Langston Towards an Ethic of Liberation for Bible Translation: Marketing Steven Voth SBL Forum6. 4(2008) In the Profession Why the Agitation?: The Status of the "Bibel in gerechter Sprache" in Academia and the Churches Irmtraud Fischer In Translation What is the Bibel in gerechter Sprache? Assumptions, Process, and Goals of a New German Bible Translation Luzia Sutter Rehmann The New Inclusive Bible Translation in the Context of (Post)Modern Germany Marie-Theres Wacker The Bibel in gerechter Sprache (BigS): The Secular Press, Kirchenherren, and Theology Professors React To a New German Inclusive Bible Translation Susanne Scholz Translation or Interpretation: Intense Controversy about the New German Translation of the Bible Wolfgang Stegemann Obituaries Roy F. Melugin 1937-2008 Marvin A. Sweeney David Noel Freedman 1922-2008 William H. C. Propp SBL Forum6. 2(2008) Annual Meeting Updates Why and What Professors of English Say Students Need to Know about the Bible: A Research Report Summary Marie Goughnour Wachlin In the Classroom The Wiki Way: Improving Your Class Notes Using the Internet for Online Student Collaboration Carl N. Toney Ancient Languages are Still Around, But Do We Really Know How to Teach Them? Rahel Halabe In the Profession Rebutting Sensational Claims Concerning a Symposium in Jerusalem James H. Charlesworth In Translation Towards an Ethic of Liberation for Bible Translation; Part 1: Ideology Steven M. Voth Letters to the Editor Response to Charlesworth Jane Schaberg Society News The Death Penalty - Engaging the Bible: SBL Lecture Series SBL Forum6. 1(2008) Features More on the Gospel Truth April D. DeConick The Bible is Like. Or is It? Eric Daniel Barreto Letters to the Editor The Talpiot Tomb Controversy Revisited The Meyers/Magness Talpiot Tomb Statement: Some Observations James D. Tabor Obituaries Bernhard W. Anderson 1916- 2007 John Strugnell 1930-2007 Daniel J. Harrington Thomas F. Torrance, 1913-2007 Elmer Colyer Edwina Maria (Wyn) Wright, 1946-2007 John Huehnergard Society News SBL’s International Cooperation Initiative (ICI) SBL Forum5. 9(2007) Annual Meeting Updates C. F. D. Moule 1908-2007 Graham Stanton Thoughts on Choosing a PhD Program Steven Thompson In the Profession Raiders of the Faux Ark:Biblical archeology is too important to leave to crackpots and ideologues. It's time to fight back. Eric H. Cline More Ethiopian Manuscripts in North America Steve Delamarter Letters to the Editor Discussion Lists and Bloggers Considering the Hauser article Alan J. Hauser UK vs US Degrees Charles J. Otte III Chris Keith Dieter T. Roth A Lesson from Studies of Source Criticism: Contradicting Stories and Humble Diversity in Creation Stories (Gen 1-2) Yung-Suk Kim Related Interest Articles of Interest Reviews God Was an Englishman Henry L. Carrigan, Jr. Society News Changes in Publications Pardon Our Dust SBL Forum5. 8(2007) In the Media Sources of the Pentateuch: So Many Theories, So Little Consensus Alan J. Hauser Jesus & Josephine: A 12-year-old Danish Girl meets Jesus Jesper Tang Nielsen In the Profession American versus British Ph. D. Programs: Three Doctoral Students Reflect on Their Decisions Charles J. Otte III Chris Keith Dieter T. Roth A Prototype for Further Publication Development of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures and Other Open-Access Journals Ehud Ben Zvi A Life Without Footnotes Isabelle Kinnard Obituaries Letty Mandeville Russell, leading feminist theologian, dies at 77 Related Interest A Lesson from Studies of Source Criticism:Contradicting Stories and Humble Diversity in Creation Stories (Gen 1-2) Society News San Diego Museum of Man Exhibit SBL Forum5. 7(2007) In Popular Culture Scriptural Education and Entertainment: Evangelism, Didacticism, and Satire in Graphic Novels (Part 3) [1] Dan Clanton In the Arts Cuneiform Cuisine: Culinary History Reborn at Brown University Alice L. Slotsky In the Classroom The Bible and Art Dan Clanton Jr. Lynn R. Huber In the Profession Biblical Studies and Careers in Academic Librarianship W. Gerald Heverly News BibleTech 2008 Call Deadline University of Manchester Scholarships Related Interest Ideas to Shake Up Publishing Reviews Review of the Exhibit "Dead Sea Scrolls," San Diego, CA Bradley W. Root Cradle of Christianity: Jewish and Christian Treasures from the Holy Land Moira Bucciarelli Society News Twenty-Fifth Anniversary International Meeting - Vienna 2007 SBL Forum5. 6(2007) In Popular Culture Did Paul Get Whacked? The Endings of The Sopranos and the Acts of the Apostles Micah Kiel In the Profession Biblical Scholarship in Vienna Marianne Grohmann Markus Himmelbauer Markus Tiwald Zimri - Briefly, Brightly King: The Strange Story of Israel's Shortest-Reigning King, 1 Kgs 16:8-20 Robin Gallaher Branch In the Public Sphere Reading the Book of Psalms in Days of War John S. Vassar How A Hurricane Made Me a Better Archaeologist Michael M. Homan Letters to the Editor A Reflection on Brevard Childs John Ahn Books for Jewish Studies to China Terje Stordalen J. D. Walters's Reply to Avalos Zeba Crook News BAS Announces Two $10,000 Awards for ASOR Papers Nabu-sharrussu-ukin Sites Obituaries Brevard S. Childs (1923-2007) Christopher Seitz Rev. Robert North, S. J. 1916-2007 James Swetnam, S. J. Michael Patrick O'Connor, 1950-2007 Jo Ann Hackett John Huehnergard James F. Ross, 1927 - 2007 Stephen L. Cook Opinions Response to Avalos J. D. Walters Reviews Scriptural Education and Entertainment: Evangelism, Didacticism, and Satire in Graphic Novels (Part 2) Dan Clanton Society News The Bible and Critical Theory - Special Offer for SBL Members Winner in the Logos-SBL Technology Paper Awards SBL Forum5. 5(2007) In Popular Culture Scriptural Education and Entertainment: Evangelism, Didacticism, and Satire in Graphic Novels (Part 1) Dan Clanton In the Classroom Killing a Dead Language: A Case against Emphasizing Vowel Pointing when Teaching Biblical Hebrew William P. Griffin In the Profession The Wired Scholar: Five Free Tools You May Not Know About Danny Zacharias In the Public Sphere Herod's Tomb Discovered at Herodium Discovering Babylon: The Opportunities, Challenges and Irresistible Potential of Video Games as an Educational Medium Alice Petty Letters to the Editor In Response to Propp Comment on "Wired Scholar" Charles E. Jones In Response to McMurry James A. Sanders In Response to Chancey Lamar Williamson, Jr. Teaching the Bible in Public Schools Peter Feinman In Response to van Wolde Zach Kotzé News Recent Articles of Interest Obituaries Dame Mary Douglas 1921-2007 Society News SBL Collection of Biblical Studies Syllabi SBL Endorses Resolution Calling for the Safeguarding of Archaeological Sites in Iraq Books for Jewish Studies at Nanjing University SBL Forum5. 4(2007) In the Classroom Bible Courses in Public Schools: SBL's Response to a Growing Trend Mark A. Chancey Worshiping in Ignorance Stephen Prothero In the Profession Scenes From a Conference Rex Sayers The Anthropology of Biblical Archaeology William H. C. Propp In the Public Sphere Mike McCurry on Faith and Politics Mike McCurry In Translation Language of Sentiment Ellen van Wolde News Society Initiatives Featured on Capitol Hill Joel LeMon Obituaries Reginald H. Fuller 1915- 2007 On Location On Location at the 2007 American Oriental Society Meeting Jack M. Sasson SBL Forum5. 3(2007) In Popular Culture The Wright Stuff?: Scholars Discuss "Mere Christianity" at SBL Annual Meeting 2006 Christopher B. Hays Biblical Graphic Novels: Adaptation, Interpretation, and "Faithful Transfer" Terry Ray Clark In the Classroom Faith and the Discipline in the Classroom: A Crucial Dialectical Relationship J. Bradley Chance In the Profession Welcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival Tyler F. Williams In the Public Sphere Prosopography and the Talpiyot Yeshua Family Tomb: Pensées of a Palaeographer Christopher A. Rollston Two Burials of Jesus of Nazareth and The Talpiot Yeshua Tomb James D. Tabor Mary Magdalene is Now Missing: A Corrected Reading of Rahmani Ossuary 701 Stephen J. Pfann Letters to the Editor The Tomb of Jesus François Bovon Response to Reed James D. Tabor Tabor Response to Pfann James D. Tabor Response to the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" Jonathan L. Reed In Response to Tabor Jonathan L. Reed Concerning the Jesus Family Tomb Steven Fine News Fighting for Iraq's Culture Society News The Dead Sea Scrolls "Through the Museum with the Bible" Workshops Reduction in SBL Student Dues and Other Changes SBL Forum5. 2(2007) In Popular Culture The Grain of Sands: The Personal Exegesis of A. David Lewis A. David Lewis Climbing the Dragon's Ladder: Perpetua, Felicitas, Graphic Novels, and the Possibility of Writing Modern Hagiography Andrea Lorenzo Molinari The Return of the Chaos Monsters: A Biblical Myth Gregory Mobley In the Profession Teaching the Bible in Babylon: Reflections on Joining the Biblical Studies Diaspora Michael F. Bird In the Public Sphere Has the Tomb of Jesus Been Discovered? Jodi Magness The SGD Digital Collection: Previously Unknown and Uncatalogued Ethiopian Manuscripts in North America Steve Delamarter Letters to the Editor Study Bibles Daniel Foster News Update on the ETANA (Electronic Texts and Ancient Near Eastern Archives) Digital Library Project Obituaries J. Alan Groves 1952-2007 Bruce Manning Metzger 1914-2007 William L. Petersen (1950-2006) Eldon Jay Epp Bruce Manning Metzger: 1914-2007 Iain Torrance Paul S. Minear 1906-2007 L. E. Keck Bruce Manning Metzger Michael W. Holmes Society News 2006 SBL Annual Meeting Photo Diary JBL's New Online Enhancements for Members Bible and Religious Leadership in the 21st Century SBL Forum Call Publications from Sheffield Phoenix Press Now Available through SBL Bible and Religious Leadership in the 21st Century: DC Meeting SBL Forum5. 1(2007) In Popular Culture Comics and the Bible: Reinterpretation and Mythic Understanding Do Superheroes Read Scripture? Finding the Bible in Comic Books G. Andrew Tooze OH-MY-GOD -It's So the Teen Bible! James G. Crossley In the Classroom Confessions and Reflections: What Can the Bible Do for the Liberal Arts? Alan Lenzi Wikipedia: Unreliable Source, Useful Heuristic Tool Lawrence Mykytiuk Letters to the Editor "Bible Scholar on an Airplane" Letters Miscellaneous Letters Letters on the"Wikipedia" Articles Larin R. Kerr Tenure Survey and Report Matthew Collins Reviews The Nativity Story: A Review.
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