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[First posted in AWOL 4 November 2009. Updated 25 October 2012]. Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum. ISIS was the only scholarly organisation specifically established to study the chronology of ancient times. Its multidisciplinary approach - combining archaeology, textual analysis and scientific dating techniques - has revealed new and fascinating insights into the history of the ancient world. It was founded in 1985 by a group of students and scholars of ancient history, and its related fields of study, who felt it was important to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Man's ancient past. ISIS has published research on the great cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East including Egypt and Nubia; Canaan, Philistia and Israel; Phoenicia and Syria; Assyria, Babylonia, Elam and Persia; Anatolia; Cyprus, Crete and Greece; and Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. Fields of study have included Egyptology; archaeology; astronomical retrocalculation; textual analysis; dendrochronology; carbon dating; pottery; jewellery, goldwork and metalworking technology. The Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum (JACF) is the journal of the Institute. In its time it was the only academic publication dedicated to the study of old world chronology: a high quality, award-winning journal, heavily illustrated with diagrams, charts and photographs to enhance the arguments put forward by the contributors.
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