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Republic of Cyprus: Department of Antiquities. On our website you can find information, both in Greek and English, concerning the history, the mission and the responsibilities of the Department of Antiquities. You can also be informed on the legislative framework that governs the antiquities of Cyprus, the publications of the Department, the educational and european programmes and the excavations that take place on the island as well as the looting of the island's cultural heritage in the occupied part of Cyprus. The site also includes downloadable applications on matters that concern the Department of Antiquities. The largest part of the website contains information concerning public museums and all visitable ancient monuments and archaeological sites. Apart from the historical and archaeological facts, practical information regarding the opening hours, public holidays and ticket prices are included. The Department of Antiquities' website will be constantly enriched with new information and will include announcements concerning the activities of the Department of Antiquities and other matters related to the archaeology of Cyprus.
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