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Lyre of Ur NewsIn April 2003 follwing the looting of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad and the destructive vandalism of thethe contents, including the Gold Lyre, Mr Andy Lowings announced that he would form a group to remake an authentic but playable version of the famous Harp of Ur shown above (actually technically a Lyre). The inspiration for this came from stone carvings he viewed in the Chicago museum and a cover of Harpa magazine showing the mother of all harps dating from the time of Genesis itself!. This had not been done authentically before, using the correct original adhesives, Gulf shell and Sumerian region wood. All existing harps held in Pennsylvania, Baghdad and London museums are, in fact, unplayable models reconstructed from bits, distributed after Leonard Woolley`s excavations in the 1930`s. The Bull-headed harp held in the museum of Baghdad, has been well featured in the worlds press, as a result of events in Iraq. Much interest has been shown in hearing a remade and playable instrument. This is a highly topical project. We would like to play it for you and see no reason why it should not tell its story all over the world. LYRE OF UR NEWS 2 UK A4 Size | USA Letter Size LYRE OF UR NEWS 3.
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