Volume 3 (1853)

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Записки Одесского Общества Истории и Древностей - Proceedings of the Imperial Odessa Society for History and Antiquities. It was 25 March 1839 when one of the first historical societies in Russia was created in Odessa under the name of the Society for History and Antiquities, under patronage of M. S. Vorontsov, the governor of New Russia and Bessarabia. Among the organizers were the warden of the Odessa educational district Dmitriy Maksimovich Knyazhevich, Aleksandr Skarlatovich Sturdza, Andrey Yakovlevich Fabr, Mikhail Mikhaylovich Kir’yakov, professor of Richelieu Lyceum Nikolay Nikiforovich Murzakevich, and others. M. S. Vorontsov became the Society honorary president and D. M. Knyazhevich became its president. Emperor Nicholas I’s decree of 14 November 1839 made Grand Prince and heir Alexander Nikolayevich the august patron of the Society. The same decree ordered annual allotment of 5,000 rubles in paper money from the state treasury for the Society’s needs. The Society was also granted the right to make archaeological investigations in the whole South Russia: in the state lands upon the permission from local administration, in the private upon the consent of the owners.
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