Bio Bank Update: The Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank, University of Manchester

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Bio Bank Update: The Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank, University of Manchester. The study of mummified animals from ancient Egypt has often been perceived as being of lesser importance than the study of the human dead; however, this project aims to promote the study of faunal material of this kind by uncovering information relating to these creatures and the ancient culture that preserved them. Established in June 2010, the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank Project is a centralised database and image bank for mummified animal material from museums in the UK and overseas. The concept, developed to contribute to the existing International Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tissue Bank, will combine known records with new research to broaden current knowledge and increase understanding. Research carried out at the KNH Centre has focused on the application of non-invasive techniques to obtain the maximum amount of information without compromising the integrity of the mummies. However, in some cases we have been able to obtain small samples from damaged areas, which have been subjected to preliminary non-invasive microscopic imaging. These samples are stored in the Tissue Bank facility under environmentally controlled conditions.
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