Materiali e discussioni per l'analisi dei testi classici

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(Arts & Sciences VIII). Release Content: Nos. 1-53 (1978-2004). Moving Wall: 5 years. Publisher: Fabrizio Serra editore. ISSN: 0392-6338Journal Description: The journal, MD has contributed enormously to the methodological renewal of classical philology studies, reviving and renewing the most effective and respected techniques of the last two centuries, from traditional philology to contemporary hermeneutics. MD first came out in 1978, at the initiative of a team of young Italian Classical scholars. The most signal among them were the Latinists Gian Biagio Conte and Alessandro Barchiesi, and the anthropologist Maurizio Bettini. The Board soon became International, attracting especially what were then avanguard scholars engaged in bringing poststructuralist literary criticism to the study of Classical texts. Today MD typically includes studies of literary criticism alongside shorter notes and studies of the textual transmission of the Classics. Each issue numbers between 200 and 220 pages, and the total number of pages so far has reached 15,000 pages. Moving Wall Reduction. The moving wall for the following title has been reduced from 5 years to 3 years at the request of the publisher. The Annual of the British School at Athens (Arts & Sciences V)Release Content: Vols. 100-101 (2005-2006). Moving Wall: 3 years. Publisher: The British School at Athens. ISSN: 0068-2454. Previously Missing Issues. The following previously missing issues have been added to the JSTOR archive. Classics Ireland (Ireland). Release Content: Vol. 9 (2002). Moving Wall: 3 years. Publisher: Classical Association of Ireland. ISSN: 0791-9417Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society (Ireland). Release Content: Vol. 12, No. 3/4 (1924/1925); Vol. 54 (2002). Moving Wall: 4 years. Publisher: Galway Archaeological & Historical Society. ISSN: 0332-415XSpeculum (Arts & Sciences I; Language & Literature). Release Content: Vol. 49, Index (1974). Moving Wall: 5 years. Publisher: The Medieval Academy of America. ISSN: 0038-7134. The Ancient World in JSTOR: AWOL's full list of journals in JSTOR with substantial representation of the Ancient World.
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