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[First posted in AWOL 11 July 2009. Updated 31 July 2014]. Illinois Classical Studies. ISSN: 0363-1923. Illinois Classical Studies was founded in 1976 by Miroslav Marcovich, Head of the Department of the Classics (1973-77) at the University of Illinois. Professor Marcovich served as editor from 1976-82 and 1988-92. Professors J. K. Newman (1983-87), David Sansone (1992-2000), Gerald M. Browne (2001-2003), and Danuta Shanzer (2004-2011) were subsequent editors of the journal. ICS publishes original research on a variety of topics related to the Classics, in all areas of Classical Philology and its ancillary disciplines, such as Greek and Latin literature, history, archaeology, epigraphy, papyrology, patristics, the history of Classical scholarship, the reception of Classics in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and beyond. ICS has also published thematic volumes on topics such as Greek Philosophy, Euripidean tragedy, Latin poetry, and Byzantium. IDEALS provides open access to volumes 1 (1976) - 23 (1998) of Illinois Classical Studies (ISSN 0363-1923). Information about current issues and subscriptions can be found at the University of Illinois Press at http://www. press. uillinois. edu/journals/ics. html.
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