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HIPHIL Novum is a peer-reviewed academic e-journal publishing on global education and research on the Bible. Issues feature papers accepted by Society of Biblical Literature's Program Unit GERT - Global Education and Reseach Technology as well as other papers on next generation biblical research. We want to promote open education for all continents, races, genders, and communities. HIPHIL Novum publishes papers on research or projecs focusing on the Bible's History * Interpretation * Pedagogy * Hermeneutics * Interactive Technology * LinguisticsHIPHIL is Novum - the focus is on new Biblical Studies for a digital and global age. We welcome papers that take a lead in emerging global 21st Century education. EDITORIALEditor: Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and his assistants Randall Tan (New Testamaent), David Kummerow (Hebrew Bible) and Jens Bruun Kofoed (history theory). Board, at upstar: Kirk Lowery, Joshua Berman and Wido van PeursenPeer reviewers: members of the advisory group of Biblicalhumanities. org/ and individual scholars. HIPHIL Novum publishesPeer-reviewed articles: normally 7500 words, occasionally longer. One other competent researcher must approve the quality of this research before publication. Conference papers: normally 2500 words, acceptance based on public presentation. Reports: News on projects, dissertations or unique studies of global relevance. Reviews: Promotion of books or digital ressources.
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