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Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies. ISSN: 1084-7561. This journal is open to all bona fide scholars in Vedic Studies. It is monitored for style and content by the Editor-in-Chief. Our aim is to disseminate our work quickly. There is copyright but with automatic permission to publish anywhere else later on when the author wishes to do so. We include articles, abstracts, reviews, and news (such as on conferences, meetings, PhD projects of our students, etc. ) We may consider a column of answers to comments on articles published in the journal, with final comment by the author (like the format used in Current Anthropology). NEW ISSUES. Vol. 20 (2013) Issue 2. Vedic asurta-, surta-, asury√°-, asur√°-. by. Marcos Albino. Vol. 20 (2013) Issue 1. The S'antyudakavidhi in the Atharvavedic Tradition. by. Julieta Rotaru. Vol. 19 (2012) Issue 4. Hindu Devotional Ordeals and their Shamanic Parallels. by. Francesco Brighenti. Vol. 19 (2012) Issue 3. List of Mantras in Kapisthala Samhita. Another Addition to A Vedic Conccordance. by. Makoto Fushimi. VOL. 19 (2012), ISSUE 2. Obituary: Manfred Mayrhofer (1926-2011). by. Caley Smith. VOL. 19 (2012), ISSUE 1. S'aunakiya Samhita 7. 55. 1. by. Marcos Albino. =================================. VOL. 18 (2011), ISSUE 2. The Rsi index of the Vedic Anukramani system and the Pravara lists: Toward a Pre-history of the Brahmans. by. Thennilapuram P. Mahadevan. VOL. 18 (2011), ISSUE 1 (February 16). Article: Pleonastic Compounding: An Ancient Dravidian Word Structure. by. Periannan Chandrasekaran. =======================. VOL. 17 (2010), ISSUE 3 (December 5). (slow download). ARTICLE (quick download): Pre-Mauryan "Rattle-Mirrors" with Artistic Designs. from Scythian Burial Mounds of the Altai Region. in the Light of Sanskrit Sources. by. Yaroslav V. Vassilkov. ==================. VOL. 17 (2010), ISSUE 2 (November 29). (slow download). ARTICLE (quick download): Unicorns in Ancient India and Vedic Ritual. by. Gautama V. Vajracharya. ======================. VOL. 17 (2010), ISSUE 1 (November 9). ARTICLE:.
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