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Starinar: Organ Arheologskog Instituta. ISSN 0350-0241. The website "Starinar" contains the online version of this journal published by the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade and accessible on the web pages of the National Library of Serbia. The journal is published annually and is dedicated to the archaeological studies in Serbia and the neighbouring countries with direct relevance to Serbian past, with studies ranging from Palaeolithic to Roman times and early Christianity. On this website only the issues from 2002 to 2006 were available at the time of cataloguing, although "Starinar" was first published in 1950. The issues can be browsed by tables of contents, which list all the titles in English. The research studies and articles however can be in Serbian, English, German, French or Italian. Files are in PDF format, which can be downloaded or read online; the site also offers the option of emailing the articles. The site offers no information about the editorial board and policy of the journal; similarly, the usual submission guidelines for authors are not available. [Description from Intut.
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