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[First posted in AWOL. Digital Medievalist (DM). ISSN: 1715-0736 Digital Medievalist is an international web-based Community of Practice for medievalists working with digital media. Established in 2003, the project helps medievalists by providing a network for technical collaboration and instruction, exchange of expertise, and the development of best practice. The project operates an electronic mailing list and discussion forum, on-line refereed journal, news server for announcements and calls for papers, a wiki and FAQ. It also organises conference sessions at international medieval and humanities computing congresses. It is an elected organization and has developed some governing bylaws. Digital Medievalist (DM) is the project's on-line, refereed Journal. DM accepts work of original research and scholarship, notes on technological topics (markup and stylesheets, tools and software, etc. ), commentary pieces discussing developments in the field, bibliographic and review articles, and project reports. All contributions are reviewed by authorities in humanities computing prior to publication. Contributions to DM should concern topics likely to be of interest to medievalists working with digital media, though they need not be exclusively medieval in focus. They should be of a length appropriate to the subject under discussion; in most instances this means between 1,000 and 10,000 words. Journal submissions or enquiries should be emailed to: editors _at_ digitalmedievalist. org (replace ' _at_ ' with an at-sign of course). The current Editor-in-chief is Malte Rehbein, Associate Editors are Daniel O'Donnell and Peter Stokes. Reviews Editor is Rebecca Welzenbach. All other DM board members also contribute to the editorial process.
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