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DICTIONARY OF ART HISTORIANS: A Biographical Dictionary of Historic Scholars, Museum Professionals and Academic Historians of ArtBiographical and methodological information about art historians can be difficult to find. Tucked away in obscure obituaries or foreign-language Festschriften, the basics of where an art historian trained or who his/her major influence was, or even what methodology the scholarship employs are often impossible to discern. This database is designed to give researchers a beginning point to learning the background of major art historians of western art history. CONTENT. This dictionary is a compilation of art historians mentioned in major art historiographies. Additional names have been added to balance for gender or other neglected categories. Historians included here are the selection of the authors of those historiographies, and not generally the editor's. This site is not intended to be a Who's Who of Art Historians (other works do that job already). Please note that the Dictionary of Art Historians is a work in progress; entries which contain an historian's name and little else are yet to be completed. HISTORY OF THIS PROJECT. The Dictionary of Art Historians began in the fall of 1986 by indexing the historians cited in Eugene Kleinbauer's Research Guide to the History of Western Art (1982) and his Modern Perspectives in Western Art History (1971), neither of which possessed an extensive index. Heinrich Dilly's Kunstgeschichte als Institution (1979) and some of Kultermann's Geschichte der Kunstgeschichte (1966), [the latter then only available in German] were added. The project remained dormant for a few years in card file format. In the interim, a myriad of art historiographies appeared or were reprinted. In 1996, the card project was transferred into an electronic form.
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