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CFEETK Online Bibliographical Project. The development of a new CFEETK archives database started in 2009 has required a new unified bibliographic management tool. To allow a wider diffusion of the researches on the temples of Karnak and offer the online library as complete as possible, a first version of this project, developed since 2010, is now available online. The Cahiers de Karnak available (PDF files) on the website of CFEETK since 2008 and a series of monographs and articles dedicated to Karnak temples are the core of this project. The resources freely available on other websites (Oriental Institute Chicago, IFAO, HAL-CNRS, etc) or resources with subscription (BiblioSHS, Jstor, etc) are also included. The Bibliographic Project of the CFEETK includes now around 900 digitized resources and will be progressively increased. In order to provide as complete and comprehensive an online library as possible for the Karnak temples, authors are encouraged to contact the head of the documentation of the CFEETK () to have their publications posted here. Chronological - By authors - By journals - By collections - Monographs - Last additon. 2000 - 1990 - 1980 - 1970 - 1960 - 1950 - 1940 - 1930 - 1920 - 1910 - 1900 - 1890 - 1880 - 1743. Also online from CFEETK:.
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