Paleolithic Open-air Sites, North of Susiana Plain in South West Iran, Khuzestan Province, East of Dez River Yusef Dinarvand, Hadi Mehranpour XML PDF 20 May 2015 6 :Art. 6

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[First posted in AWOL 13 November 2009. Updated 28 May 2015]. Ancient Asia: Journal of the Society of South Asian Archaeology. ISSN: 2042-5937. Ancient Asia is the official annual journal of the Society of South Asian Archaeology (SOSAA). The scope of the journal is vast - from Stone Age to the Modem times, including archaeology, history, anthropology, art, architecture, numismatics, iconography, ethnography, various scientific aspects including archaeobotany and archaeozoology, and theoretical and methodological issues. Amongst the goals of this society are to bring forth the research being conducted in areas that are not often well published such as the North Eastern States of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Central Asia, Iran, etc. Vol 6 (2015).
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