Acta Linguistica Asiatica

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Acta Linguistica Asiatica. ISSN: 2232-3317. ACTA LINGUISTICA ASIATICA is a journal devoted to the study of Asian languages, their translation and teaching. ALA is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal which publishes research papers, survey papers and technical notes on the subjects of Asian linguistics, translation studies and the teaching of Asian languages, book reviews on representative works on the same subjects and reports from outstanding events. ALA encourages the interlinking of different linguistic disciplines, fosters dialogue among different theoretical orientations and their practical application, proposes new approaches to existing research themes, draws attention to relevant questions, informs about recent findings and events in the above areas. ALA is published three times a year. Articles in each first and second issue are written only in English with an English and a Slovene abstract, while articles in each third issue can also be written in Slovene with a Slovene and an English abstract.
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