Ashxarhabar Narek [Narek in Modern Armenian]

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, translated by Misak' Go'zunean (Constantinople, 1902), in 529 pdf pages. This is Narek's Agho't'agirk' [Prayerbook]. File size: 9. 3 MB. Usumnasirut'iwn Manik'ea-pawghikean t'onrakets'ineru aghandin ew Gr. Narekats'woy t'ughte [Research on the Manichaeo-Paulician Sect of the T'ondrakians and the Letter of Grigor of Narek], in 139 pdf pages. This is the great philologist Barsegh Sargisean's study (Venice, 1893) of a fascinating medieval Armenian dissident movement which had religious, social, and military components. File size: 2. 6 MB. Lettre du patriarche Jacobite Jean X (1064-73) au catholique Arménien Gregoire II. , in 55 pdf pages. This study by the noted Orientalist François Nau appeared in Revue de l'Orient Chrétien 7(1912) pp. 145-198. It is the Syriac text and French translation of a letter to an unnamed Armenian kat'oghikos-probably Grigor II Vkayaser (Martyrophile, 1066-1105)-by the Monophysite Syrian patriarch John Bar Shushan (1064-1073). The first part is a statement of Jacobite beliefs, while the second is a criticism of the Armenian Monophysites for permitting certain worldly customs and practises. File size: 18 MB. The Penitential of David of Ganjak, written in the early 12th century, is available on another page of this website and may be downloaded there: The Penitential of David of Ganjak, translation and commentary by C. J. F. Dowsett. Girk' or koch'i e"ndhanrakan [The Book Called the Encyclical], by Kat'oghikos Nerses Shnorhali (St. Petersburg, 1788), in 373 pdf pages. File size: 44. 1 MB. Also available:.
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