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NEMO-Online: Near-Eastern Musicology Online. ICONEA, CERMAA and PLM are research groups based in London ‎-‎ UK (ICONEA ), in Beirut ‎-‎ Lebanon (CERMAA ) and in Paris ‎-‎ France (PLM). ICONEA (International Conference of Near-Eastern Archaeomusicology) specialises in Near and Middle-eastern archaeomusicology. CERMAA (CEntre de Recherches sur les Musiques Arabes et Apparentées) is dedicated to research on maqām music and modality. PLM (Patrimoines et Langages Musicaux) is a professional research group of musicologists, most of them being also musicians, working at Sorbonne Université in the realm of history of music, ethnomusicology, music analysis and/or theory of music. In 2011, ICONEA and CERMAA merged and launched a new periodical of Near and Middle-Eastern music research, in the widest sense of the term, under the name of NEMO-Online (Near-Eastern Musicology Online). PLM joined NEMO-Online as an associate research group in January 2012.
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