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Medieval Feminist Forum. ISSN: 1536-8742 (print). ISSN: 2151-6073 (online). Medieval Feminist Forum (MFF) (ISSN 1536-8742 (print), ISSN 2151-6073 (online)) is the journal of the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (SMFS). SMFS promotes interdisciplinary scholarship on women and gender from Late Antiquity (ca. 500 CE) to ca. 1500 CE. MFF appears twice yearly publishing articles, book reviews, and bibliographies. Some issues are thematic. Submissions to MFF are blind peer reviewed. MFF was originally published under the title Medieval Feminist Newsletter (ISSN 1054-1004 (print), ISSN 2154-4042 (online)). In 1999 (no. 28) the journal title changed to Medieval Feminist Forum. Issues are available freely online beginning two years after publication. Access to full text of recently published issues is by subscription only. For more information on subscribing to MFF, please visit http://hosted. lib. uiowa. edu/smfs/mff/join. shtml. Beginning with the Winter 2009 issue, vol. 45, no. 2, Medieval Feminist Forum is published in electronic format only. MFF is indexed by MLA Bibliography (2005+), Feminist Periodicals (1996+), and Feminae. MFF is hosted by the University of Iowa Libraries' Institutional Repository (Iowa Research Online). See the full.
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