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Lumen et Vita is the student academic journal of the School of Theology and Ministry (STM) at Boston College. We are delighted to publish yearly the research, reflection, and reviews of our peers, from the many diverse areas of theology represented at the school. Through this publication, we hope to bring this exceptional work to a wider audience. At an initial level, we intend to increase fellow STM students’ knowledge of the scholarship being done outside of their own specialty, thereby allowing us here at the STM to benefit from the rich variety of our school. At a further level, we hope that it may contribute to the interdisciplinary conversation at Boston College and in the larger academic world, and may demonstrate once more how mutually illuminating the interaction can be between Catholic theology, the academy, and the wider culture. Another significant benefit of this publication is the opportunity for students to go through the formal process of sharing their work with the theological community. This opportunity is not limited to the publication, as Lumen et Vita also coordinates colloquia and symposia at the STM where this opportunity for exchange occurs in other formats. In all things, we strive to remain true to the rich Catholic and Jesuit tradition of intelligent reflection bearing fruit in loving action; all for the greater glory of God.
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