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(Electronic Archives of Greek and Latin Epigraphy) obliegt der EDH seitdem die Betreuung der Inschriften der römischen Provinzen, während die bis dahin über die EDH bereits erfaßten Inschriften Italiens der Epigraphic Database Rome (EDR) zur weiteren Bearbeitung und Vervollständigung des Datenbestandes durch letztere überlassen worden sind. Zweck der EAGLE-Föderation ist es, möglichst alle lateinischen und griechischen Inschriften der Antike nach einheitlichen Kritierien im Internet zugänglich zu machen. Die Gründung von EDR erfolgte zu diesem Zweck in enger Kooperation mit der EDH und nach deren Modell. The task of the Epigraphic Database Heidelberg (EDH) is the systematic entry of ancient Latin and bilingual (usually Latin and Greek) inscriptions into a complex database. As a result of its interdisciplinary approach, conception and method of work EDH is to be counted among the leading international database projects which collects and provides reliable historical analysis of epigraphic monuments. A distinguishing feature of EDH is its regional focus, its capability of combining the stored metadata as freely as possible and the reciprocal linking of the Epigraphic Text Database with both of the constituent databases of EDH, the Bibliographic Database and the Photographic Database. Its aim is to render the epigraphic documentation of the provinces of the Roman Empire as completely and reliably as possible for online research work. Under the leadership of the Commissione epigrafia e informatica of the AIEGL a decision was made in 2003 to create an international epigraphic database confederation EAGLE (Electronic Archives of Greek and Latin Epigraphy). Since then EDH is responsible for the inscriptions of the Roman provinces. The inscriptions of Italy which had already been entered into EDH were passed on to the Epigraphic Database Rome (EDR). It is now the domain of EDR to improve these records as well as adding to their number in order to complete the entry of all inscriptions of Italy. The long term aim of this confederation is to make all Latin and Greek inscriptions from Antiquity available on the Internet in a standardised system of criteria. It was with this in mind that EDR was founded on the model of and in cooperation with EDH.
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