Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage

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art movement, commissioning, cultural characteristics, financing, interested public), period of realization, society, socio-economic context, techniques
[First posted in AWOL 27 October 2012, updated 20 March 2015]. Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage (già Quaderni di Scienza della Conservazione). Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage ISSN: 1973-9494. Quaderni di Scienza della Conservazione ISSN: 1973-9486. Main topics of publication: • Study of the system: artifact-environment-biota. • Historical-artistic knowledge of cultural heritage (ie. author, art movement, period of realization, techniques, society and cultural characteristics, socio-economic context, commissioning, financing, interested public). • History, diagnosis, restoration, maintenance, conservation, valorization, prevention. • Document research. • Book, codex, and manuscript production in its historical context. • Appropriate methodologies and analytical techniques used for the characterization of historical artifacts and evaluation of the conservation state. • Environmental monitoring: assessment of atmospheric pollution and correlated degradation of monuments and historical-artistic sites. • Micro and macroclimatic monitoring in confined areas (ie. museums, libraries, archives, churches, galleries. ). • Artistic diagnostics. • Art market and auction houses. • Experiences in cultural heritage conservation. • Evaluation of the suitability of products for restoration, conservation, and maintenance of works of art. • Information science and cultural heritage: data processing and cataloguing methods. • Virtual re-elaboration and use of historical artifacts and environments. • Study, valorization and digitalization of archive and library heritage. • Environmental context and technical-conservative issues related to historic architecture. • Virtual or traditional conservation, cataloguing and processing of photographs. • Various other topics including education, safeguard, education, legislation, economics, social aspects, management, marketing, interdisciplinarity, internationalization, etc.
Italy, archaeological science, archaeology, conservation, cultural heritage, culture, heritage, journal, open access, science
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Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage (già Quaderni di Scienza della Conservazione)

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