Cahiers de l'Institut du Moyen-Âge Grec et Latin

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Cahiers de l'Institut du Moyen-Âge Grec et Latin. Cahiers de l’Institut du Moyen-Âge Grec et Latin, or Cimagl for short, was founded in 1969 on the initiative of Jørgen Raasted (1927-1985) with the strong support of Jan Pinborg (1937-1982). Both of them were classicists by training and both of them worked in the tiny research research unit called Institute for Greek and Latin Medieval Philology, which had been founded in 1958 under the aegis of the Faculty of Philosophy (later: Humanities) of the University of Copenhagen with the main purpose of creating a framework for two great editorial projects: Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae and Corpus Philosophorum Danicorum Medii Aevi. Byzantine music and medieval philosophy have been the core disciplines served by the journal since its foundation, although quite a few other disciplines with a relation to Greek and/or Latin have also made an occasional appearance in Cimagl. The aim was to create an easy, cheap and fast outlet for research done at the institute by using the latest technology, which was then off-set printing from sheets prepared on electric typewriters. This would save the time- and money-consuming intervention of typesetters. It was also part of the idea that the publications could have the character of test balloons, preliminary results of research that might, perhaps, later receive a definitive formulation worthy of being presented to the world in the traditional way as a nicely printed book or as an article in a traditional scholarly journal.
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