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The Archaeological Journal. The Royal Archaeological Institute (RAI) is a leading national archaeology society and since 1844 we have annually published the Archaeological Journal. The journal contains papers on the Institute's interests, which span all aspects of the archaeological, architectural and landscape history of the British Isles. It presents the results of archaeological and architectural survey and fieldwork on sites and monuments of all periods as well as syntheses and overviews of such work in the British Isles. For several years, the RAI has been running a project to digitally scan and make available back issues of the Archaeological Journal. Volumes 1-120, the first 120 years of our journal, are now available to view. The next stage of our project is to scan journals 121-160 and make these available. Our most recent journals (since 2004) are available through our website for subscribing members and libraries, and on a pay-per-view basis on ArchLib.
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