The 5th and 6th campaigns of excavation at the Salut Bronze Age Tower (ST1)

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Quaderni IMTO was established with the aim of implementing the preliminary reports of the archaeological fieldwork which is being carried on at the sites of Khor Rori (Sumhuram), Salut, Salut - ST1, and Mughsail. While preliminary reports concerning the activities of the Italian Mission to Oman at the site of Khor Rori and Salut will continue to be presented in the "Archaeological campaigns" section, the new online series Quaderni IMTO will provide the publication of the revised reports and of short updates concerning peculiar finds or structures discovered during the excavations. This is meant to promptly provide the visitors with news from the field, in advance of a proper publication of the excavation results or of specific artifacts by the members of IMTO.
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