Lorenzo Castellano


Before ISAW, I studied in Milan (University of Milan, Italy) where I received a Bachelors in Cultural Heritage Sciences and a Masters in Archaeology, with a focus in the European Protohistory. For my BA thesis I studied an Iron Age burial site in Northern Italy (Esino Lario), and the topic of my MA dissertation was an Etruscan Po-Plain settlement (Forcello near Bagnolo San Vito).

In 2008 I began to work as a professional archaeologist. Through collaborations with Italian research institutes and private firms I have participated in a number of research and development-led excavations in varied cultural and chronological contexts. Besides my archaeological field work, I have conducted extensive research on environmental archeology, thanks to a long time collaboration with the Laboratory of Palynology and Paleoecology of the Italian National Council of Research – CNR (with a focus on archaeobotany and ethnobotany) and a research fellowship at the Earth Sciences Department of the Milan-Bicocca University (research topic the reconstruction of the Late Holocene climatic change in Northern Italy).

With a great passion for the study of the human past, in all its facets and complexity, my main research line is focused on the study of the relationship between man and the environment in the Ancient World.  At ISAW I am exploring the border line between Man and Environment in the theory and in the practice of the research. My academic goal is to develop and to apply a theoretical and methodological framework to the reconstruction of the Ancient World in its physical and cultural complexity. These topics will be developed in a long term research project, having as main focus the Bronze and Iron Age in Anatolia.