Andrea Trameri


Andrea Trameri holds a BA in Classics (2009) and a MA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (2012) at the University of Pavia (Italy). His doctoral curriculum focuses on Hittite, Anatolian and Aegean studies.

His research interests centre on history, philology and archaeology of Middle and Late Bronze Age Anatolia. At ISAW he also worked on Hittite purification rituals and he is preparing a new critical edition and study of a Hittite ritual text (The Hittite Ritual for the Netherworld Deities cth 446. A study).

He is currently writing his PhD dissertation: The land of Kizzuwatna. History, society, and culture (1600-1200 BCE). Conceived as a comprehensive history of the Late Bronze Age state of Kizzuwatna – an independent kingdom later conquered by the Hittite Empire – the dissertation investigates the process of formation, the political history, the cultural influence and the inter-regional contacts of this kingdom from its origins to its demise.

He took part in archaeological excavations in Syria (Tell Ashara/Terqa, 2010) and Turkey (Kınık Höyük, 2011-present). At Kınık Höyük, he is field supervisor since 2013 and works on the stratigraphy of the site sanctuary area.