Naomi Miller 215-898-4075

Naomi F. Miller studied anthropology, with a concentration in archaeology, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has worked at the University of Pennsylvania Museum since 1987, and is currently a member of the Near East Section there. Her affiliation with ISAW began in 2009.

Dr. Miller uses archaeobotanical remains to investigate human-environment relationships in West and Central Asia. She has worked on material from sites along the Euphrates (Gritille, Kurban Höyük, Hacinebi, Tell es-Sweyhat), at Malyan and Susa (Iran), at Gordion (Turkey), and at Anau (Turkmenistan). In addition, she is working with the Gordion team to develop methods that use native vegetation to help preserve open-air archaeological sites for tourism and environmental education.

She is the co-editor of several books: The Archaeology of Garden and Field, with Kathryn L. Gleason (1994), Yeki bud, Yeki nabud, Essays on the Archaeology of Iran in Honor of William M. Sumner, with Kamyar Abdi (2003), and Sustainable Lifeways, Cultural Persistence in an Ever-changing Environment, with Katherine M. Moore and Kathleen Ryan (2011). Botanical Aspects of Environment and Economy at Gordion, Turkey appeared in 2010.