Research & Funding

Research Accounts

Research accounts are funds made available to individual ISAW faculty, scholars and research associates. If you’ve been granted research funds, the amount will be detailed in your welcome/welcome back email on September 1.  Research funds differ from other project funds in that they are tied directly to an individual’s employment at ISAW and are governed by NYU and ISAW Business Expense policies, instead of the particular terms of a project or grant.

Research funds are  applied to expenses incurred on or after your first day of employment at ISAW. For Visiting Research Scholars, research funds close on July 31 to ensure accurate processing before the close of the fiscal year (August 31.)  No new requests will be processed for payment after August 1.

Balances will be distributed in September, March and August each year. If you have any questions regarding your balance and or general inquiries, email the

Faculty, Staff, & Visiting Scholars with research accounts are assigned a unique Chartfield. Chartfields are NYU’s version of bank account numbers, they include a two digit fund, five digit Organization, five letter/digit combo Program (some chartfields don't have this and should be input as WSQPG), and five letter/digit combo Project (some chartfields don’t have this and should be input as WSQPJ). See Research Account Chartfields for a list of chartfields to be used when requesting reimbursement and/advance.

See Commonly Used Account Codes or a list of accounts to be used when requesting reimbursement and/or advance. Account codes are a set of five numbers used to identify the type of expense incurred. Account codes usually precede the chartfield in NYU financial systems.

Research Fund Expenses

Research funds are used for any expenses supporting your research. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Desktop or laptop computer. Note for Visiting Research Scholars computers are only eligible for reimbursement if purchased through the NYU Computer Store within the first three months of employment. You may only purchase one computer on your research funds. For a guide on ordering a computer/software from the NYU Computer Store see Ordering from the i-Buy NYU Marketplace. If you require technical assistance please email the IT Support Administrator.
  • Computer software and accessories (backup drives, laptop battery, etc.). These can be, but do not have to be, purchased through the NYU Computer Store. Follow the link above for assistance.
  • Books, photos, or other materials related to your research.
  • Conference related travel expenses and registration fees. Note the dates of travel must fall within your dates of employment.
  • Office Supplies can be purchased through NYU IBUY for the guide on ordering supplies see Ordering from the i-Buy NYU Marketplace.
  • Express postage or expedited shipping costs for business mail. See ISAW’s Administrative Aide at the 3rd Floor reception for assistance.
  • Business meals with academic colleagues. For examples click here.
  • Logistical costs (food, printing, etc.) for meetings, conferences, or workshops you organize at ISAW. These expenses must be formally submitted to the and approved before they can be incurred. For the guide see Reservations and ISAW Events.

How to Purchase Using Research Funds

There are three methods of purchasing items with your funds:

Pay for books, memberships, and/or supplies or incurring travel expenses and/or business meals and requesting reimbursement. For help with requesting a reimbursement and how to document expenses for submission, see here.

Purchase items from the i-Buy Marketplace. Commonly used vendors are Staples, B&H and the NYU Computer Store. See Ordering from the i-Buy NYU Marketplace for a guide on how to order from i-Buy.  The cost will be deducted automatically from your research funds.

Submit  an advance and use those funds to make your purchases (travel expenses only). For examples click here.

To pay for any services, honorariums, guests travel, you CAN’T be reimbursed for these so please DO NOT pay these directly. Work directly with  to arrange direct payment.

Funding Requests

All requests for funding require written pre-approval from ISAW’s Director in advance of any preparations to spending. There are two types of request for funding options; Departmental Funding & Event Funding. The two types differ in that Departmental Funding is a request for funds outside of the budget and at the Director’s discretion can be made available to you, in the past these funds have been used to cover student workers, events and travel. The Event Funding differs as these funds are usually within the ISAW Budget and can be accommodated with our internal Conferences & Events Budget. The Director will make the final decision or where funding will be expensed and/or if your request can be accommodated.

For Departmental Funding, complete the Departmental Request Form and email it to the Director with a cc to the. Once approved, you will receive an emailed approval with chartfield information and any additional instructions needed to complete your request.  For Event Funding, follow the steps to requesting funding and events in Room Reservations & ISAW Events.

Note: If your Departmental request includes an event request you must first complete the Department Request Form and await approval before proceeding to requesting an event. Be sure to attach your approval to the event request so the event staff is aware of the approved funding source.

Research Account FAQS

What happens to any of my unspent funds?
How do I find out what my balance is?
Can I use my research funds for expenses that I incurred before my appointment began or after it has ended?
Can I be reimbursed for paying my book’s proofreader?

What happens to any of my unspent funds?
Any funds that remain unspent after and funds close for the year (see “When is the last day that a Visiting Research Scholar can use research funds?”) will either be forfeited or rollover depending on your appointment. Scholars who either have a one-year appointment or are in their last year will forfeit any funds that are not spent by the deadline. Scholars who have at least one year remaining in their appointment will have the remainder of the prior year’s research funds roll over to the next year, starting September 1.

How do I find out my balance?
You may request a balance check by emailing the . Scholars and faculty with research funds are strongly encouraged to track their own research expenses in case of discrepancies.

Can I use my research funds for expenses that I incurred before my appointment began or after it has ended?
Research funds can only be used for expenses incurred during your employment at ISAW. If your appointment begins on September 1, you can’t request reimbursement for books purchased prior to September 1. This also applies to the end of your employment; if your employment end date is August 31, you can’t request reimbursement for a trip in September, even if it is for travel related to your research.

Employment end date is defined as your final date in residence at ISAW or the end date in your appointment letter, whichever comes first.

Can I be reimbursed for paying my book’s proofreader?
No. You can only be reimbursed for your individual expenses. If you wish to pay an individual or business for work performed of any kind relating to your research, contact the . NYU will make these payments directly.

Additional resources and helpful links can be found at Websites, Links & Resources and Guides, Examples & Forms.

If you don't find the answer to your question here email the  directly for assistance.