Advances & Reimbursements

Advances & Reimbursements of business expenses may be requested through Accounts Payable by submitting a fully completed, adequately documented, and appropriately approved Expense Reimbursement Request in Accounts Payable Workflow (AP Workflow). AP Workflow is the University’s automated tool for creating reimbursement requests and obtaining the required approvals. All expenses must adhere to NYU financial policies and guidelines, Federal Government A-21 Guidelines, and/or other sponsor requirements, as necessary. After submitting the Expense Reimbursement Request in AP Workflow, print the cover page generated and leave all documentation stapled together in the bin marked "To Be Reconciled" on the 3rd Floor reception. 

Reimbursement funds will be sent via check to the home address entered into the AP Workflow request unless the payee has completed and submitted an AP Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Once an address or direct deposit account has been set up in the AP Workflow system it is saved for future Accounts Payable payments. A new remittance address for a payee can be entered in the AP Workflow system with any new reimbursement request for funds received by check. To change the information associated with a direct deposit account, please resubmit the AP Direct Deposit Authorization Form, checking the box marked "Change Existing Information."

Advances/Reimbursements to Corporate American Express Accounts (amex): In order to attach your corporate amex to your AP Workflow profile you'll need to send and email requesting this to , be sure to note the last four digits of your amex number as well as your Net ID in the email.

Advance Requests for Cancelled Trips: Trips that have an outstanding advance request but have been cancelled must have the advance reconciled as soon as soon as cancellation occurs regardless if reimbursement is being requested or not. The process for reconciling the advance for a cancelled trip is the same as any other advance reconciliation except a memo explaining the cancellation must be provided with the reimbursement request in AP Workflow.

For a checklist guide to providing the correct supporting documents for advances and reimbursement requests,  see the Supporting Documentation Checklist.

For examples of how to document your receipts for requests through AP workflow, see the AP Workflow Examples.

For a how-to guide on submitting requests through AP workflow, see the AP Workflow Guides.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding travel & research can be found in Financial FAQs.

For other NYU Resources on AP Workflow, tutorials, and other helpful information visit NYU's Employee Reimbursements, Advances, & Reconciliations

If you don’t find the information you need here, email the  directly for assistance.