Room Reservations & Common Spaces

Community members are encouraged to make use of the Oak Library, the Seminar Room, the Lecture Hall, or the 6th floor conference rooms for small gatherings or impromptu discussions, provided the room is available.

In order to sustain an atmosphere conducive to work and study, community members are asked to keep conversations in the circular stairwell, hallways, library, and carrel areas at low volume and of short duration. Informal discussions are welcome in any unoccupied meeting or common space for up to a half-hour. Please limit phone conversations to offices and the Oak Library; please use a headset for Skype conversations in any room. Visits by children should be in accordance with the ISAW Visitor policy.

For private meetings and events of 30 minutes or more, that do not require ISAW funding or staff support, please use the ISAW Space Request Form. A confirmation will be sent via email when the event has been added to the ISAW calendar. Calendars for common spaces are shared with community members through Google Calendar.

To propose an event that requires funding and/or staff support, please schedule a meeting with to discuss potential dates, budgetary considerations, and event logistics. For other events, please consult . Then use the Event Proposal Form and associated Budget Proposal Form. Event proposals should be submitted as far in advance as possible and before any funds have been spent. To ensure full consideration, proposals for events taking place in the fall semester should be submitted by March 7, and proposals for events taking place in the spring semester should be submitted by September 26. 

For procedures for hosting and cleaning up after an event, please follow the ISAW Internal Events Management Guide. If further information or clarification is needed, please contact .