Building Hours & Visitors

Building Hours


The library is staffed 9am - 5pm weekdays. Please note, after hours access to the library is limited to ISAW community members during building hours.

The ISAW offices and library are closed during all NYU Holidays. These dates are listed.

Please note that access to the offices is allowed during office hours only or by permission of the or .


ISAW welcomes guests including students and researchers from other NYU programs and other institutions during business hours. ISAW guests must either present an NYU ID or be greeted by an ISAW community member. Community members are responsible for their guests upon arrival and visitors are only allowed in the building when their ISAW hosts are on-site. Guests are expected to adhere to ISAW community policies while on property. Children should be in the building only for public events (not lectures) except with permission from the or .

Academic guests using ISAW facilities (outside of visiting the library) must have prior approval from the Director and Associate Director for Administration. Please refer to the Common Meals guide for guest lunch policies.