Fall 2020 Curricular Plan

To the extent possible, ISAW courses will meet in person in New York during fall 2020. ISAW is taking appropriate measures to ensure that on-site instructional spaces are set up in compliance with NYU, city, and state guidelines for physical distancing in classrooms. ISAW course listings will be updated regularly in Albert to indicate the method of instruction for each course ("in person," "blended," "online," or "independent study"). Students who are not able or do not wish to attend ISAW classes in person will have the option to participate remotely. Instructors for ISAW courses are encouraged to be flexible about course scheduling or to offer asynchronous learning options for students who need to participate remotely from a different time zone. Students should reach out to course instructors by email to discuss remote learning options.

ISAW will continue to offer a wide range of co-curricular programming for students during fall 2020. ISAW is committed to offering a robust schedule of public events this fall, including academic lectures, webinars, and conferences, which will take place online. ISAW's dissertation workshop series will also take place online. Supplemental programming for students on pedagogy, research, and professional development is being developed and will be announced to students at a later date. In addition, the Associate Director for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies will host regular "office hours” via Zoom to meet with students and address their concerns. 

ISAW is also developing a plan for on-site activities, resources, and services during fall 2020. As we finalize plans for on-site workspaces, library services, and food and beverage service, we will communicate this to our students and other community members.

Students are encouraged to reach out to the Associate Director for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies with any questions or concerns about the upcoming academic year.